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"Even though I’ve been using Photoshop 20 plus years and have purchased the last 6 Scott Kelby photoshop ‘howto’  books, (from CS through CS6), it has been a struggle-particularly using ‘layers’.  However, after Kim’s tutoring, things make much more sense, are easier and a lot more fun.  ArtBarn proved to be a top resource and Kim is a intuitive and patient teacher. 5 Stars!"  ~ Allen S.

"Kim Wilson is an incredible teacher and artist in her own right! I have utilized Kim’s art classes as a part of my children’s homeschool art curriculum. The difference in their skill and understanding of different mediums after taking a few of her classes was quite amazing!" ~ Heidi R.

I love it when my daughter can take private lessons from Kim. Sophia always learns so much that she can take with her and apply to her other work. Sophia took her first class from Kim when she was 9 years old. She's going on 14 now and has won awards and sold her work with MUCH thanks to Kim sharing her gifts and talents. ~ Lisa S.

"Great price, lots of inspiration. Nice people. Wondering horse is funny." ~ Jonique W.

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"I started going to the Art Barn with a friend on the first Friday of the month. I was looking for something to do in Art. I had no idea if I could do anything in the field of art, because I have a sight disability. But I found  Kim  the owner of the Art Barn.  With every art form we did she was patient and kind and so was all of the other people there. It has enabled me to find my artsy side and find out that I  enjoy art . I highly recommend Kim  and her Art Barn if you want to try any form of art. lt is also a great environment to work in." ~ Lawanda H.

"Kim is very knowledgeable in so many different mediums and does a great job explaining procedures to creative people of all skill levels. Her studio is also located in a beautiful location and homey. I've astonished myself with some of the beautiful work I've been able to create through her classes!"  ~ Jamie M.

“To say that the art barn is my favorite place to go in this area, is an understatement! :-) There is always something creative, colorful, and challenging happening! Kim Wilson is an amazing person, and has so much talent and knowledge! It is just so much fun to go and play and talk with other creative souls and I always manage to learn so much in the process!” ~ Lisa B.

"The Dittmer Art Barn is a tiny gem west of the big city…a creative space teeming to the rafters with ideas and materials and people who share and collaborate, learn and teach, observe and participate.  In short, it is a place for creative souls to gather and share their talents and energies.  You will find yourself warmly welcomed by Kim’s generous nature along with her beautiful laughter.  Degrees don’t matter here…only your willingness to be open to new experiences, new folks, and new possibilities.  And that it is in the heart of rural Missouri makes for experiences like no other.  You are surrounded by horses and dogs and Mother Nature – a perfect combination setting the stage for creativity to emerge.  Worth the drive.  Give yourself permission to go. I’m glad I did!"  ~ Lynn W.