Multi-media for the Younger Set

Multi-media Explorations

Similar to the regular Open source Class but geared for a younger crew! We'll explore all the regulars, drawing painting, sculpting PLUS we'll throw in a little hand-stitching, working with wool and other 'weird' and wonderful materials. more...

11:00 - 2:00​
(8 classes, [new! 24 hours] -12 artist max. class size)
Ages 7 to 10: $195, ($185 Class, $10 materials fee)

Open Source Inspirations

Multi-media Explorations

In this open-ended class we’ll use inspiration from writing, art and music to find our Artist within. We will explore the ideas presented by the different arts to find a thread to connect the drawing, painting and sculpting as part of the experience. Along the way, we’ll learn about contrast, composition, color and line. We’ll use drawing, painting, sculpture and digital work to create.

We’ll be using a subtle ‘theme’ that will thread through each of the eight sessions but the class is structured so a new artist can jump in at any time. The theme is a prompt for artistic vision within these sessions. Through this open-ended approach, we hope to find new truths in the spaces between art and inspiration. 

Thursdays, 2:00 - 5:00
(8 classes, [new! 24 hours] -12 artist max. class size)
Ages 10 and up $195, ($185 Class, $10 materials fee)


Paperclay Sculpting

Maybe you’re getting ready for the holidays or just aching to get your hands into dimensional characters. You’ll learn how to make art dolls and sculptural figures using air-dry paper clay using everyday materials like: cardboard armatures, wire and newspaper. Come join the fun! Sculpt-ology is open to artists of all abilities. Come join the fun! more... 

Wednesdays, 2:00 - 5:00, April 30 - June 18
(8 classes, [ new! 24 hours] -12 artist max. class size)
Ages10 and up, $195 ($185 Class, $10 materials fee)

Digital Alchemy

Create Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop

​In this class, we'll create digital art projects using photo manipulation, digital collage, typography, digital painting and alterations. We'll learn basic tools and techniques to give you the basis to move on to more advanced works. If you are just a beginner or even an intermediate artist, you'll find plenty to learn here.more...

Wednesdays, 2:00 - 5:00,April 30 - June 18,
(8 classes, [new! 24 hours] -12 artist max. class size)
Ages 10 and up $185

Projects (note extended times for your enjoyment!) 

Her Majesty's Gems

Greencrafted Jewelery

Finding creative uses from off-cast materials is nothing new to creatives, but the need to preserve the planet is more vital than ever before. ArtBarn wants to inspire those who find artistic applications for those throw-away resources. Come join us to create your own one-of-a-kind creation as a gift or for 

yourself! more...

...and Now!

Workshops and Classes

(in the works and on the boards!) Let us know if you are interested in any of these or other ideas here

Watercolor Magic

Spring Landscapes

​Come join us for a time with Mr. Xiaogang Zhu, an incredible artist and painter. Come celebrate the magic of watercolor. This workshop is for watercolor painters, illustrators, and other artists. We’ll be offering practical, step-by-step instructions and techniques. more...
Sign up!Sunday, February 23,10:00-1:00

Private Lessons are available!

Please contact Kim Wilson for details

Like to have private lessons in drawing, painting, computer arts? Privates are available either separately by the hour or as a package. Feel free to call or write with your thoughts and we'll see chat we can do to help you. 

Digital Alchemy II

Create Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop

​In this class, we'll delve further into digital art, including photo retouching, digital painting and photo alterations. We'll use intermediate tools and techniques to allow you to have more finished works. If you are just a intermediate or even an advanced artist, you'll be right at home. more...

Open Studio is Now Available!

Tuesday and Friday afternoons

Tired of working home alone? Come join us at the Studio and share the space, conversation and ideas. Maybe breathe deep and just enjoy the animals and the great outdoors. Sometimes it's easier to stay energized and come up with new ideas in the company of other like minded folk. Bring your own materials and projects or pay a materials fee and use our stuff. Do call to make sure we have enough space each time. 

Pay by check, cash or PayPal: single or monthly billing.

Monday, Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Ages 10 and up, $15.00 a session. (Materials fee available on an as-needed basis) 

Do let us know if you are coming, limited spaces are available!


Medicine Hearts

Wet and Dry-felted Heart Treasure

Learn some basic wet and dry felting techniques to craft your own soulful heart shaped pillow ornament or pockets from handmade felt. You may even throw in some free-motion machine stitching into the mix. We’ll keep it simple enough for anyone to master. For the beginner and intermediate fiber artist. more...
Wednesday time cancelled and will be rescheduled. Please let us know if you are interested!
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