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Kim Wilson

Resident Artist and Craftsperson for

Dittmer ArtBarn


"Girls rule!"

Chicory (Chic)

An eighteen hand hunk


"I let the other ponies go first so they don't get a complex.".


Rules the roost by stealth


Perry from Perryville, master terrior


You guessed it, he runs the place or wished he did.

Meet The Team (well, some of them...)

So what about this combination of art and the farm life? Sound weird? It's about personal re-invention and celebration of assets. I started thinking about the animals and the fact of our lovely ranch and my art passion, then started exploring how to share it with the community. Being from the city, I realize not everyone gets to have up-close and personal experiences with non-human personalities. 

When my parents answered my most fervent obsession for a horse at age nine (well, it was my mothers horse but that didn't matter...) my life was forever changed. After over 25 years of school (double BFA, Double MFA), and nearly 30 years of Art Director on large thematic and graphic art projects for the Busch and SeaWorld Corporation, I decided it's nigh time to follow my heart and BELIEVE.

What to Expect

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home at the ranch.


Hands-on creation.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty! If not by charcoal, paint or clay - then by grooming and playing with the animals.


Professional service.

Our staff will provide the expert care you deserve

A Word About ArtBarn